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UEFA Champions League

Being the most prestigious trophy among the European clubs, the UEFA Champions League (also known as the the European Cup or the Champions League) is a premiership football competition held every year since 1955. During its early years (meaning before 1992), the UEFA league was a standard competition focused on the usual knock-out mechanism; this method of elimination was changed in the 1990’s when the tournament began to need expanding, at which point it brought in more teams and adopted a round-robin approach. The strongest national leagues of Europe now provide a maximum of four teams each, which brings the total up to 76 or 77 teams altogether.

UEFA Champions League tidbits:

Worth noting is that while the prestigious UEFA Cup has been won by 21 different clubs, clubs who have won the cup multiple times only mount up to an amount of 12. Even more surprising is that a single club, Real Madrid, is the proud holder of nine championship victories, including the contested first five seasons. Ever since the change of tournament format however, there has not been two successive wins by any team. The group stage opens up with grid with 8 groups divided amongst all 32 teams. Teams from the same country may not be drawn into groups together. The top two teams from each group then undergo the knock-out phase titled the “round of 16″.

General performances to note is that while Real Madrid may be the top team (9 wins and 3 runner-ups), they are closely followed by Milan (7 wins and 4 runner-ups). Even more surprising though is that despite the noticeable difference between the individual premiership football clubs, the countries hosting them do not have as large of scoring gaps. Spain, which is the current superior nation in the UEFA league, has 12 wins and 9 Runners Up, while Italy may only have 11 wins but also 14 runners up.

So once the figure-balancing has been done, that’s a lot of prize money to be handed out! A cup of this magnitude hands out €3 million to each qualifying team, as well as €2.4 million for Group Stage participation. Winning in the group stage is worth an addition €600,000 and draws net half that amount. Those who make it into the quarter-finals and beyond ear yet more money, from the quarter finalists’ €2.5 million to the premiership football champion’s €7 million.

Granted a lot of money is funnelled into the competition through winner’s, but football betting is also rather intense and brings in another large source of money that is used to fund next year’s championship. Bets are surprisingly spread out, showing that the competition results are somewhat volatile prone to change.

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