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Most people call the world’s most favorite sport football, but to Australians it will always be soccer. The game’s fame extends far beyond the field though, because it is also one of the most profitable sports to bet on.

The widespread TV coverage now available to Australians has only served to increase the fans’ love of the game. Each A-League and European Premier League match is aired weekly on Foxtel. Other sports channels like ESPN and Setanta also show live matches from a number of other European domestic leagues, plus domestic and international cups whenever they are played. Betting on soccer is now easier than ever before, and Australian punters are on the verge of making big money off the games. offers in-depth betting information and detailed previews on the hottest major matches from all the top-tier soccer leagues throughout the world, including Australian A-League, English Premier League and Championship, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga, French Championnat, German Bundesliga, Scottish Premier League. We also give you odds, stats, injury lists and anything else you may need to decide which team to back and with how much.

Hints and tips

It can be a little difficult to follow every match, especially the major European domestic leagues. That’s why it’s a good strategy for you to simply stick to following only one or two leagues closely. Start by watching the weekly highlight packages and live games on TV to know which teams are doing well. Take note of suspension list and player injuries as these can affect overall team performance.

Game venue is another key factor to watch out for. Playing on home turf can boost a team’s spirit, with the home fans acting as the “twelfth man” that spurs the home team on to more and more points. Add to that the fact that the home team usually trains in the same venue, giving them the advantage of knowing the ground well, and you have a recipe for success. Look for teams that score frequently and/or are able to block the ball often.

Bet types

With such a large number of games being played every single week, punters are spoilt for choice. There’s always a match to bet on, but most successful long-term punters know to select only a few
markets to focus on.

Head to head betting is a popular bet type because it means betting on either team to win straight out or backing the draw. There are three scenarios that you can bet on and you will usually see the abbreviation 1X2 used, where 1 = Home Win, X = Draw, 2 = Away Win.

The Asian handicap is also a good choice, particularly in Asia and Europe. Instead of the conventional Win/Loss/Draw bet offered by bookmakers, Asian Handicap takes out the Draw and handicaps bothteams relative to strength, so instead of the 3 bet options you only have 2. This means that you also increase your chances of winning from 33.33% to 50%.

Punters also love to use under- or over-betting. You only have to choose whether or not the combined score of the match will be under or over 2.5 goals—it’s an easy, hassle-free win. All you have to do is to check past stats and you’re set to bet.

Correct score betting is becoming more popular now, while markets such as first goal scorer, half time/full time, draw no bet, futures betting, and highest scoring half are now becoming popular as well.

To Australian’s it’s soccer, to international fans it’s Football. Whatever you call, this sport with a phenomenal following was amongst the first international sports between national sides which were amongst the first international sports fixtures ever played.

Including events such as:

The Hyundai A League: Inaugurated in 2005 – 06 after the collapse of the National Soccer League, the A-League is now showing you soccer but not as you know it. Having been run successfully since its inauguration the A League has 10 teams competing for victory with 9 teams from Australia and 1 from New Zealand.

Whilst a relativitly minor league in comparison to the large European Leagues the Hyundai A-League is still very popular and the Football Federation of Australia has expressed an interest in expanding it further, to include teams from Canberra, Hobart, Wollongong, Geelong , Far North Queensland and possibly Darwin.

The European Championships: Also knows as the Euro tournaments, this Championship even is the pinnacle of competition in the world’s most obsessed, or powerful soccer region.

The concept of a European national soccer tournament was first proposed by Frenchman Henri Delaunay, in 1927. 31 years it took for his vision to materialise and finally in 1958 the first UEFA European Championship was hosted in France. For 10 years it was only a minor event, yet from the 60’s it grew steadily and by the 1970’s a few minor problems were ironed out, attracting European teams on a consistent basis.

Finally, in the 1980’s, the tournament came to age, with a few classic finals seeing some of the strongest soccer powers in Europe claim victories in gripping matches.

It is one of the most competitive and open soccer tournaments in the world.

FIFA Confederation Cup: This premiership football league pits eight teams into a highly prestigious tournament grid that only the elite teams even have a shot at getting into.

These teams are comprised of the winners of the FIFA World Cup, the Asian Cup, African Cup of nations, Copa America, Gold Cup, Nations Cup, and the European Championship (basically all of the FIFA confederation championships), and the host country.

FIFA Confederation Cup, Courtesy of Sport Bet Australia

The Copa America: The crème de la crème of the Latin America Football talent meet every four years to compete in the Copa America, South America’s most prestigious regional championship. The spectacular football even is only matched by the passion of the audience.

As the only regional championship which does not require participants to quality, this tournament comprises only the 10 member countries of CONMEBOL, meaning two additional teams from neighboring regions must be invited to each Copa America to bring the tournament up to full strength.

The 2011 Copa America will be held one year after the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa and promises to be one of the biggest sporting events of the year.

The African Cup of Nations: Held once every four years, this cup is contested by the most powerful soccer teams in Africa. It features a host of the most talented African players participating in the Euro soccer leagues.

Although Africa lacks the quality of the football infrastructure and facilities of more developed nations, The African Cup of Nations produces quality football, with players coming from the richest European leagues where they represent some of the biggest clubs in the sport.

In 2010, 16 African teams will contest the tournament across 4 host cities. It’s tough to qualify, with dozens of teams competing for the priviledge of appearing in the continents biggest spectacle.

The Asian Cup: The regional championships of the East, this cup has enjoyed explosive growth in the region and is fast gaining in status and star appeal.

The Asian Cup has emerged from the shadows of other bigger tournaments over the years and has now established itself as an event of international importance.

Only seven countries have lifted the FIFA World Cup since the tournament was launched in 1930. Brazil is the most prolific winner to date, winning 5 of the FIFA World Cups with Italy close behind on 4 World Cup Titles.


Bundesliga: Composed of two different divisions, Budesliga is the highest tier of football in Germany since the early years of 1974. The Bundesligen leagues are professional premiership football leagues.

The second division of the Bundesliga is also a professional grade league, but of a lesser degree. Each time must have a license to play lest they be moved into a regional league.

The key difference between the upper division of Bundesliga and the lower division are focused mainly on fan turnout, funding, and football betting.

Bundesliga League Courtesy of Sport Bet Australia

Oceania Football Confederation: The premiership football champions’ league that takes place along the islands outside of Australia is called the Oceania Football Confederation, and it consists of Tonga, Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and the minor Pacific Island countries. All member nations that participate have the chance to qualify for the FIFA World Cup.

The Oceanic Football Confederation is actually the smallest of the six worldwide confederation, and as such has very little influence on the world of “football politics”.

Very few high-profile players call these countries their home, and almost no international competition is held within the borders. The premiership football league was formed on the 15th of November in 1966 and has a total of 16 member associations.


Oleague Courtesy of Sport Bet Australia

Soccer Leagues

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