The Confusion With Betting and Gambling

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As is the case with most people, the terms “betting” and “gambling” can conjure up images of casinos, bars, and card shark tables held at the local coffee shop. While this may be a common form of gambling, it is by far not the most prominent form encouraged in Australia; that honour is reserved for the art of Australian sports betting. The area has been in existence for about two hundred years now, and has only grown in prominence since it’s major introduction with the arrival of horse-racing and the Melbourne Cup.

The primary topic of confusion regarding gambling legalities in Australia regard online fixed odds betting, as well as how sports betting rules differ in relation to other forms of online gambling. This confusion sprang from the “Interactive Gambling Act (IGA)”, which was passed in 2001 by the Australian government. The purpose of the act was mainly to protect the Australian population from the more serious side-and-detrimental effects of online gambling. What the act targets is ‘interactive gambling services’, such as online casinos and dark tables. Intentional loopholes were left intact though, so that Australian sports betting could flourish under some slight regulations- betting in Australia must take place before the sports event takes place (thus canceling the ‘interactive’ clause of the IGA).

Even if companies engage in questionable sports betting situations, the Australian public is still safe; the Interactive Gambling Agreement targets the providers, not the customers. Some slightly less-official companies will still offer illegal transactions though because of the extremely lucrative potential. This is a main reason why citizens should stay with officially licensed sites that follow all sports betting information and rules- sites such as Betfair, Canbet, and Centrebet.

So, in essence, as long as the betting is not ‘interactive’, you be reasonably sure that it’s legal and approved. Still though, to keep your transactions secure, only do business with licensed and sanctioned sites that have all of their sports betting information plainly posted and easily read. As long as the betting takes place before the ball is kicked or served, or before the horse races begin, you are likely doing business with a legitimate business partner that is following all of the sports betting rules.

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