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Cricket is Australia’s number one summer sport. It attracts millions of avid followers every year, making it one of the most popular as well as profitable games ever to hit the betting markets. With the recent introduction of the Twenty20 cricket that coincides with the already successful One Day cricket and Test cricket matches, this sport is continuously growing in the country.

The National Team plays nearly round the clock the whole year round, so you never have to wait too long for something to bet on. Add to that the large volume of cricket matches across all three forms of the game and you have an even bigger variety of events to choose from. makes it a top priority to provide you with updated information on all things cricket. Keep posted for more news regularly!

For years, cricket was known for being a long time to watch a game. Even with the different matches providing some great rivalry, sitting for a long match seemed tedious.

Lately, shorter games have been introduced and in doing so, have brought new fans that wouldn’t necessarily have been interested, or had the patience.

Most popular though are the matches including:

Test Cricket:

Named as the most demanding version of Cricket, Test Cricket is played over 5 days by the national teams of the top cricket playing nations. Each match is structured to allow both teams to bat and bowl twice during the longevity of the game.

These matches are regarded as major sporting highlights and attendances have steadily increased as new fans take to this gruelling form of sport.

The Ashes;

Even if you live under a rock, no doubt you’ve heard of the ashes.

The oldest and most intriguing rivalry in test cricket, between Australia and England, is played every two years and venues alternate between the two teams home countries.

Much like test cricket, each side plays a maximum of two innings but over five days and this rival match boasts the best attendance and viewing figures in test cricket and is followed by fans around the world.

In the case of a draw, the holder of the Ashes retains the trophy.

One Day International Cricket:

This form is a cricket is a shortened version of Test Cricket, although unlike Test Cricket it can be played floodlights, giving a unique feel to the usual ordinary format.

ODIC allows a maxium of 100 overs, with each team given a maximum of 50 overs for batting. Each team has one opportunity to bat and one to bowl, and the team with the highest score wins the match.

Cricket offers a large selection of betting opportunities. While the extent of betting coverage will be dependent on the significance of a particular match, as well as the country’s involved, fans can look forward to benefiting from dozens of betting opportunities in high profile games.

Match Betting: Match betting is the easiest and most popular of cricket betting options. Punters select whichever team they think will win a match and are paid out according to the relevant odds if their selected team wins

Top Run-scorer: Punters can also place bets on which player will be the top run-scorer in his team. Odds available on these bets can be quite high, allowing punters to back several players and still earn a good payout.

Highest Opening Partnership: Betting on the highest opening partnership is a great cricket betting option that allows punters to back the opening partnership they think will reach the highest score, in either team.

1st Innings Lead: When betting on test matches, punters can place bets on which team will reach the highest score in the first innings, an attractive option in a game where the outcome is so often a draw.

Country Profile

Sports Bet Australia Provides You With Information of the  Best  International Cricketing Teams and their Country Profiles.

Bet types

Bookmakers offer exotic markets, such as: the winner of the coin toss, highest opening partnership, winner of first innings, highest individual scorer for each side, method of first dismissal and bowler to claim the most wickets. If you are prepared to analyze past stats and match-ups or are just a big cricket fan, you will see plenty of opportunities to make a profit on these markets.

Aside from the more conventional head-to-head betting and these exotic bets, futures betting is also a good method because this allows punters wager on which team they think can win a series or
tournament, often getting good odds on them.

Spread betting

An even more attractive and popular betting method is called spread betting. Your bet lasts throughout the whole match, and the rewards can be really amazing. Your bet doesn’t have to win for you to win the bet as well: the bookie simply offers a quote on the sport. The “spread” is a scoring range, so if you think that it is too high, you’ll “buy”, but if it’s too low, you should “sell”. The more accurate your prediction is, the more money you can reap.

Sports Acumen and Global Sportsbet are two of the best places where you can get great deals for spread
betting, so check their websites to get started straightaway.

Hints and tips

International Test and One Day cricket matches are favorites among seasoned punters, but Twenty20 games offer you an alternative choice. There are also Australian state cricket games played daily throughout summer, while there are domestic competitions such as English County Cricket, Indian Premier League, and much more in other countries. Finally, you also have the World Cups to keep you busy.

As a punter, you have to watch out for weather conditions during the game before placing your bet, especially test cricket. Rain can delay a game and increase the chances of a drawn result. Different bowlers are also suited to different pitches, so you should note the pitch conditions prior to a match. Team selection and venue are two other factors you should check out.

Finally, punters can also bet in play, making the game an even more thrilling event. . You could be well into an innings and have a bet on which method the next batsmen will be dismissed by, or bet on the highest score of the players currently at the crease. With cricket, you have tons of possibilities at your fingertips.

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